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Duplicate Subjects In CNS Clinical Trials and Other Therapeutic Areas Prevented With Verified Clinical Trials Research Subject Database Registry

From phase 1 through phase 4 drug development, the issue of duplicate subjects in clinical trials exists.  Verified Clinical Trials (VCT). is here to prevent these issues and promote safety and data quality.  Duplicate subjects in CNS clinical trials is especially needed, but VCT protects most therapeutic areas. Characteristics of duplicate subjects are not …

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Strategies to Combat Research Participant Dishonesty/Deception, Non-adherence, and Professional Subjects Using Verified Clinical Trials

Verified Clinical Trials (VCT) will be attending ASCP and will host a panel session: Bad Behavior in Clinical Trials: Strategies to Combat Research Participant Dishonesty/Deception, Non-adherence, and Professional Research Subjects. Verified Clinical Trials prevents duplicate subjects in clinical trials. The largest research subject database registry for CNS clinical trials and all other therapeutic areas #duplicatesubjects …

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Professional Research Subjects Travel: Prevent Duplicate Subjects In Your Clinical Trials With Verified Clinical Trials

Mature data collected from North America as well as in Europe demonstrates how research volunteers will travel large distances to screen or enroll contemporaneously in multiple clinical trials as duplicate subjects in clinical trials. The numbers are significant and occur across both early and later phase studies. Why risk these safety and data quality issues? …

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Duplicate subjects can be prevented with Verified Clinical Trials

Duplicate subjects and preventable protocol violations can easily be prevented up-front at the time of screening using the global research subject database registry Verified Clinical Trials (VCT). The protections continue for the entire duration fo the study including the specific washout criteria.  VCT has data that routinely demonstrates double digit preventable protocol violations. Professional research …

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Duplicate subjects or professional research subjects are many times the silent killer in your clinical trials

Duplicate subjects in clinical trials result in increased placebo rates and poor quality data. This is oftentimes the silent killer of your study. (VCT) is the global research subject database registry that is utilized by countless sites and sponsors worldwide.  Duplicate subjects in clinical trials cause safety and dat quality issues.  They drive up the …

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Duplicate Subjects In Clinical Trials Cause Safety & Data Quality Issues

Duplicate subjects in clinical trials result in safety and data quality issues.  The global Verified Clinical Trials research subject database registry system is used around the world to prevent duplicate subjects in clinical trials.  Typical higher risk clinical trials can see double digit incidence rates of protocol violations that will be prevented by Verified Clinical …

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Combatting The Professional Patient Problem In Clinical Trials

Great article by John Carlos Diaz on the issue of hashtag#professionalresearchsubjects and hashtag#duplicatesubjects Use of the Verified Clinical Trials (VCT) prevents this issue at the time of screening and protects throughout the entire study. Easy to implement and cost-effective. Contact VCT at or call +1.516.998.7499

Research Centers of America Adopts Verified Clinical Trials Biometrics Research Subject Database Registry to Prevent Duplicate Enrollment in Clinical Trial

  Verified Clinical Trials & Research Centers of America partner to stop duplicate enrollment in South Florida We are grateful for this innovative resource and the real-time responses that have helped us avoid duplicate enrollment in our clinical trials. We are truly impressed with the staff at VCT and their readin.ess to help at every …

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Celerion Implements Biometric Fingerprint Technology and Marks Five-Year Anniversary with Verified Clinical Trials

Celerion & Verified Clinical Trials Prevent Duplicate Enrollment In Clinical Trials Celerion and Verified Clinical Trials share the same vision of applying scientific expertise and advanced technology to ensure the safety of our participants and maintain data integrity… GARDEN CITY, NEW YORK (PRWEB) MARCH 14, 2017 Celerion was the first early stage contract research organization (CRO) to …

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Verified Clinical Trials and The STARR Coalition Join Forces To Advocate For Mental Health Care

GARDEN CITY, NEW YORK (PRWEB) FEBRUARY 25, 2017 The STARR Coalition today announced their partnership with Verified Clinical Trials in an ongoing effort to create meaningful change by increasing communication, partnerships and goodwill among stakeholders in the areas of treatment, advocacy, and pharmaceutical research with emphasis on consumers and patients’ mental health well-being. Both organizations are dedicated to promoting patient …

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