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Verified Clinical Trials to Attend the CNS Summit 2022

Attending the CNS Summit 2022?  Meet with the Verified Clinical Trials team and learn more about detecting and preventing duplicate research subjects and professional research subjects.

Visit us at our exhibit booth to see a demo of the world’s largest global research subject database to detect and prevent duplicate subjects in clinical trials.

Don’t miss the poster session where Verified Clinical Trials will present data and metrics on their unique solution to prevent dual enrollment in clinical trials and improve data integrity in your clinical trials.

What will you learn? Verified Clinical Trials is the largest and most comprehensive research subject database of its kind.  A global solution used in 50 countries worldwide that detects and prevents professional research subjects from entering your clinical trials at the time of screening.  Verified Clinical Trials offers advanced biometric fingerprint and facial recognition for standard as well as decentralized clinical trials.  There is no other solution like Verified Clinical Trials.

The CNS Summit, Collaborating for Novel Solutions, brings together a curated group of top decision makers from pharma, biotech, CROs, investigator sites, patient advocacy groups, investors, and other stakeholders.