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Mission Statement / Values

Mission Statement / Values

Mission Statement

To transform the field of clinical research by providing new tools to properly identify and enroll qualified research subjects and prevent costly and potentially dangerous multiple simultaneous clinical research trial enrollment.

Our goal is to ensure patient safety and improve data integrity in a simple and cost-effective manner. We are dedicated to improving patient safety and demanding improved data and accuracy. At the same time VCT saves all clinical trial stakeholders time and money by selecting better qualified research subjects at the time of screening.

Our Values

Verified Clinical Trials is dedicated to promoting the health and welfare of clinical trial participants around the world while improving the data quality of clinical trials. VCT helps ensure that clinical trial research is conducted at the highest level possible in order to deliver safe and effective drugs and devices to the market.

By preventing dual enrollment, the research participant avoids potentially dangerous interactions of combining investigational agents. Verified Clinical Trials complies with local regulatory and ethics committee standards worldwide. VCT adheres to the strictest of standards of privacy and confidentiality that comply and surpass the local regional regulatory standards around the globe.