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Detect and Prevent Duplicate Research Subjects

Duplicate research subjects, also known as professional research subjects, will cause a myriad
of issues in your clinical trials.  It takes but a small number or percentage of poor-quality
duplicate subjects to cause a clinical trial to fail or not meet its endpoints.

Verified Clinical Trials is the world’s largest and most comprehensive research subject database
of its kind. Utilized in nearly 50 countries worldwide to detect and prevent duplicate research
subjects in clinical trials. The beauty of the Verified Clinical Trials system is that duplicate
subjects and other key protocol violations are detected at the time of screening saving time
and money for all stakeholders. Additionally, the protections continue the entire duration of
the trial. Verified Clinical Trials is essentially a low-cost insurance policy. For these reasons,
there is no other solution like Verified Clinical Trials.

Duplicate subjects are unfortunately a threat to all clinical trials ranging from phase I through
phase IV studies as well as multiple therapeutic indications. The issue of over enrollment in
clinical trials
is a global phenomenon. Verified Clinical Trials is the only solution of its kind to
offer real global protections and global support as well as optional fingerprint and facial
biometrics. From the smallest biotech company to the largest pharmaceutical companies,
research sites and phase 1 units, VCT is the solution relied upon to detect and prevent duplicate
subjects in clinical trials.