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Site Selection Services

Site Selection Services

Help Selecting The Best Research Sites For Your Clinical Trials:

Imagine you could have access to exacting data on past enrollment metrics of various principal investigators and the research sites around the world? Would it be helpful to know how many subjects were actually screened and eventually randomized in prior studies or for a particular indication? Were there many early terminations at the site and how many participants actuallycompleted the trial? Is a particular site more prone to duplicate or professional subjects or other protocol violations?

Verified Clinical Trials can answer these questions.

Now, the largest and most comprehensive global research subject database Verified Clinical Trials can supply unique insights and data regarding a research sites’ past study performances.

Verified Clinical Trials delivers access to top performing research sites at the time of study selection and start up as well as providing additional sites in a “rescue situation” when enrollment had stalled or progressed too slowly.