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Duplicate Subjects In CNS Clinical Trials and Other Therapeutic Areas Prevented With Verified Clinical Trials Research Subject Database Registry

From phase 1 through phase 4 drug development, the issue of duplicate subjects in clinical trials exists.  Verified Clinical Trials (VCT). is here to prevent these issues and promote safety and data quality.  Duplicate subjects in CNS clinical trials is especially needed, but VCT protects most therapeutic areas. Characteristics of duplicate subjects are not always readily event and the issue is prevalent across all gender and age groups.

VCT is completely HIPAA and GDPR compliant with optional fingerprint biometrics to prevent fake IDs and improve the process, VCT is the only global research subject database to offer this.  VCT is also the largest registry of its kind.

When CNS sites cooperate and use the VCT registry it improves the protections.  Moreover, it is critical that pharmaceutical sponsors have VCT as part of the required screening process to mandate that the subject is verified before entry in to the study.

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