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Why A Research Subject Database Is Critical To Prevent Professional Research Subjects In Clinical Trials

Clinical trials rely upon speed and accuracy to deliver new drugs and medicines to the public. Limiting the potential for unwanted variables that can skew the data is critical. One of these issues is professional research subjects or duplicate subjects in clinical trials. These particular participants often times have motives to partiicapte in the particular study. Access to free medical care, compensation for their time and travel can lead to participants not following the rules of the clinical trial and skewing the results. This results in failed clinical trials. Due to tight recruitment timelines and ever increasing social media awareness, research subjects are aware of numerous clinical trials and often times take advantage of the availability for stipends. Research subjects will make themselves familiar with upcoming an ongoing clinical trials by reviwing government websites such as

The Medscape artice published in 2020 highlights these issues quite well.

The Verified Clinical Trials global research subject database registry has been widely adopted thougout the industry and an effective tool to detect and prevent these issues. Verified Clinical Trials is used throughout phase 1 through phase 4 clinical trials and across multiple therapeutic indications. There is no other tool or company like Verified Clinical Trials.

This was reviewed in the article discussing these very issues. An easy to implement and cost effective solution.