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Verified Clinical Trials and The STARR Coalition Join Forces To Advocate For Mental Health Care

GARDEN CITY, NEW YORK (PRWEB) FEBRUARY 25, 2017 The STARR Coalition today announced their partnership with Verified Clinical Trials in an ongoing effort to create meaningful change by increasing communication, partnerships and goodwill among stakeholders in the areas of treatment, advocacy, and pharmaceutical research with emphasis on consumers and patients’ mental health well-being. Both organizations are dedicated to promoting patient …

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Pillar Clinical Research Selects Verified Clinical Trials As Exclusive Provider To Reduce Professional Subjects From Duplicate Enrollment In Their Clinical Trials

Recognizing duplicate enrollment in clinical trials as an increasing threat to the viability and integrity of drug development, a leading clinical trials research site, Pillar Clinical Research has voluntarily elected to institute verification of the enrollment status for all research volunteers who are screened for their current enrolling studies.  Pillar Clinical Research Selects Verified Clinical …

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Verified Clinical Trials Now Offers Biometric Fingerprint Technology To Prevent Duplicate Enrollment In Clinical Trials

   GARDEN CITY, NEW YORK (PRWEB) JULY 21, 2016 Verified Clinical Trials continues to enhance their offerings and has successfully and seamlessly offered the newest technology that includes a biometrics fingerprint platform to their clients and the research community. The newest technology will improve accuracy while improving efficiencies at the site level where verifications are performed. The largest and …

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Verified Clinical Trials Chosen by National Institute on Drug Abuse To Stop Dual Enrollment In Clinical Trials & Improve Safety & Data Quality In Ongoing Clinical Trial

The Verified Clinical Trials (VCT) research subject database registry has been selected and will be utilized by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) to stop professional research subjects from dual enrollment in clinical trials in an effort to improve research subject safety and data quality in a current ongoing clinical trial. The Verified Clinical …

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AXIS Clinicals USA – The First Minnesota Clinical Research Organization To Join The Verified Clinical Trials Networ

AXIS Clinicals USA has selected the Verified Clinical Trials (VCT) national clinical trial database registry to stop attempts at dual enrollment in clinical trial research, thus preventing protocol deviations, improving data quality, and promoting subject safety. Within the first seven days of use, the VCT system proved its worth by stopping a subject’s attempt at …

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Dual Enrollment In Clinical Trials & Professional Research Subjects Causing Increased Placebo Rates: Visit Verified Clinical Trials At Outsourcing Meeting New England October 7th, 2014

Verified Clinical Trials (VCT), the global research subject clinical trials database registry to prevent dual enrollment in clinical research trials provides clinical trial sponsors, research sites, and CROs a comprehensive tool to improve their study safety and data. Verified Clinical Trials will be attending and exhibiting at the Outsourcing In Clinical Trials New England Meeting October 7th, 2014. Visit Verified Clinical …

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Verified Clinical Trials The Research Subject Clinical Trials Database Registry Stops Dual Enrollment In Clinical Trials Exhibits At DIA 2014

Verified Clinical Trials (VCT) will again be an exhibitor at the the 2014 Annual DIA Meeting in San Diego. While at the conference, Verified Clinical Trials will demonstrate the sophisticated system that it has developed to stop potential professional research subjects from dual enrolling in multiple clinical trials. Dr. Mitchell Efros, plans to review many of the added features …

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Verified Clinical Trials The Largest North American Clinical Trials Research Subject Database Registry To Stop Dual Enrollment In Clinical Trials Received Top Ratings In A Recent Customer Satisfaction Survey

Verified Clinical Trials the largest North American clinical trials research subject database registry to stop dual enrollment in clinical trials received top ratings in a recent customer satisfaction survey. Verified Clinical Trials is widely utilized in early as well as late phase trials and was ranked highest in almost every category. Over 95% of respondents provided accolades to Verified Clinical …

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Verified Clinical Trials The Research Subject Clinical Trials Database Registry Stops Dual Enrollment In Clinical Trials

Verified Clinical Trials is the HIPAA compliant de-identifed research subject clinical trials database registry that the clinical research community has employed to stop dual enrollment in their clinical trials and improve data quality and safety in their trials.  Verified Clinical Trials continues their expansive growth in to the early and later phase clinical trials market. Numerous …

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