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Pillar Clinical Research Selects Verified Clinical Trials As Exclusive Provider To Reduce Professional Subjects From Duplicate Enrollment In Their Clinical Trials

Recognizing duplicate enrollment in clinical trials as an increasing threat to the viability and integrity of drug development, a leading clinical trials research site, Pillar Clinical Research has voluntarily elected to institute verification of the enrollment status for all research volunteers who are screened for their current enrolling studies. 

Pillar Clinical Research Selects Verified Clinical Trials

If one does not stop dual enrollment in clinical trials then all other measures to control placebo response are useless.

Garden City, New York (PRWEB) November 28, 2016

 Pillar Clinical Research leads the industry in low placebo response for Schizophrenia trials and has been instrumental in the approval of many current medications.  Verified Clinical Trials (VCT) is excited to add a team that has so much research and clinical expertise. Verified Clinical Trials is the industry leader in preventing duplicate enrollment in clinical trials and several other key protocol violations crucial to a clinical trials success. While VCT is CNS focused, VCT is the only research subject database registry to cover nearly all of the phase 1 units, many therapeutic indications, and be selected to work with the NIH/NIDA.

Brian Craig, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Pillar Clinical Research commented, “The clinical trials research industry is struggling to control the placebo response which has led to numerous failed trials. Stopping dual enrollment across all studies is a critical and necessary step in controlling this problem. If one does not stop dual enrollment then all other measures to control placebo response are useless. We chose Verified Clinical Trials for many reasons. This includes VCT’s extensive database, the user friendly advanced technologies such as biometric fingerprint scanning, the ability to monitor and track important data about research subject trial participation and VCT’s ability to meet PIllar’s extensive regulatory requirements. Since implementing the VCT system Pillar has identified several participants seeking to enroll in multiple studies. This allowed Pillar to educate research subjects in real time and avoid potential safety issues for those subjects as well as data loss for Sponsors. It is extremely important and urgent that Sponsors, Sites, and CROs select Verified Clinical Trials as the sole provider of research subject databases so the industry can build this independent database for the protection of research subjects and the healthcare industry.”

Brian Craig added, “Dual enrollment poses a extremely serious problem to outpatient clinical trials in cognitive impairment, negative symptoms, sub-optimal treatment, and depression trials. If the industry does not come together to manage this very real problem many potentially beneficial medications will fail in clinical trials. Pillar Clinical Research decided to take the lead to solve this problem and select Verified Clinical Trials as the exclusive provider of this duplicate enrollment check and commit to helping them develop this system for the benefit of the healthcare community. I strongly urge Sponsors, Contract Research Organizations, and other investigative sites to do the same.“

Dr. Mitchell Efros, CEO of VCT commented, ” Having Brian Craig of Pillar Clinical Research select Verified Clinical Trials is a huge vote of confidence from one of the recognized leaders in the field. While Verified Clinical Trials is focused on psychiatry and CNS trials, VCT has become the largest database registry in this clinical trials research industry..VCT is proud to have significant buy-in and coverage across many therapeutic areas. This only improves the VCT network and the protections VCT can provide. Verified Clinical Trials is the only registry covering nearly all of the phase 1 units as well. The attempted dual enrollment crossover from psychiatry clinical trials to healthy phase 1 studies is astounding.”

Kerri Weingard, ANP COO, added, “ Pillar Research has quality staff that were simply frustrated by the issues of dual enrollment and protocol violations. We are proud to be the only registry chosen by Pillar Research . Pillar’s usage of VCT and subsequent verification alerts has resulted in not screening multiple ineligible subjects and has created a strong bond between us all. The VCT network has expanded at an incredible pace and even faster than we have anticipated, but having a site like Pillar Research with such high standards and extremely high work quality , is icing on the cake.

About Pillar Clinical Research:
Pillar Clinical Research is a multi-specialty research organization established in 2006 and has been serving the greater Dallas area providing best in class clinical research services. At Pillar Clinical Research we have highly trained and skilled clinical research staff committed to providing each participant with an exceptional level of care and attention. Pillar Clinical Research, LLC, was formed to meet the current and future healthcare needs of the community. We are proud of our track record and will continue to strive for excellence through maintaining the highest standards in ethics, clinical care, cutting edge research, and organizational commitment.

About Verified Clinical Trials:
Verified Clinical Trials is the leader in the field of research subject database registries that encompasses the great majority of phase 1 units and later phase clinical trials across multiple indications. Verified Clinical Trials will improve research subject safety and data quality in clinical research trials and halts duplicate enrollment in clinical trials. Verified Clinical Trials is the only clinical research database registry selected by the NIH to prevent duplicate enrollment in clinical trials. Verified Clinical Trials prevents several other key protocol deviations that are important to a clinical trials success.