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Dual Enrollment In Clinical Trials – The Dual Screening Alert Aids Enrollment In Clinical Trials

The Verified Clinical Trials dual screening alert allows sites to know if the subjects they have screened, and are counting on to fill their study, are in fact screening elsewhere.  While maintaining privacy and anonymity the Verified Clinical Trials dual screening alert system keeps the site up to date on the status of the research participant. Many research participants will screen …

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Verified Clinical Trials and SAFE-BioPharma Partner To Improve Clinical Trial Results

    Verified Clinical Trials and SAFE-BioPharma Partner To Improve Clinical Trial Results Fort Lee, NJ (July 25, 2013) – Verified Clinical Trials (, whose technology helps eliminate multiple enrollments by clinical trial subjects and provides Medicare Secondary Payer Law compliance strategies, will offer its services with (), the global digital identity management and signature …

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Verified Clinical Trials Participates In Industry Wide Webinar Hosted By SAFE Bio-Pharma on Stopping Dual Enrollment In Clinical Trials and Offers Medicare Secondary Payer Law Compliance Solutions

Verified Clinical Trials (VCT) participated with SAFE-BioPharma and an esteemed cohort of companies in a clinical research industry wide webinar.  Verified Clinical Trials presented the solution to stopping dual enrollment in clinical trials and their expertise regarding a unique solution VCT offers for Medicare Secondary Payer Law Compliance.  As experts in the field of clinical research, …

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Clinical Research Sites And Sponsors Do Not Have The Necessary Tools To Comply With The Medicare Secondary Payer Law In Clinical Trials

Verified Clinical Trials, the de-identified HIPAA compliant clinical trial database registry that promotes research and improved data quality offers an excellent solution to the Medicare Secondary Payer Law.  In cases where an adverse event or injury has occurred while in a clinical trial it is necessary to capture personal identifying information from the research volunteer …

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Study Scavenger Mobile Phone App To Boost Clinical Trial Recruitment

Verified Clinical Trials offers the Study Scavenger mobile phone app for free to all of it’s partners and users of the VCT clinical trial database registry.  While promoting clinical trial safety and improved data quality, VCT is determined to help sites with recruitment of good quality research subjects.  Study Scavenger continues to partner with strategic …

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Verified Clinical Trials Experts In Medicare Secondary Payer Law & Dual Enrollment In Clinical Trials To Attend NCDEU 2013

Verified Clinical Trials recognized experts in clinical trial database registries to stop professional research subjects and dual enrollment in clinical trials will attend the NCDEU 2013 meeting in Hollywood, Florida this month.  Verified Clinical Trials (VCT) is the HIPAA compliant de-identified  system that is scalable for early & late phase clinical trial global deployment. The system covers clinical …

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Verified Clinical Trials Study Scavenger iPhone app Improves Clinical Trials Recruitment

  Verified Clinical Trials offers free use of the Study Scavenger iPhone app to improve clinical trial recruitment.  Potential study volunteers can use the easy navigation and find a trial that meets their disease condition, geographical location, and needs with the push of a button on their smart phone.  The Study Scavenger provides direct links to the …

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Verified Clinical Trials will attend and support The Avoca Group Quality Consortium May 9th in Princeton, New Jersey.  Verified Clinical Trials is a company dedicated to improving clinical trial safety and data quality by preventing dual enrollment in clinical trials.  Many of the world’s largest and most relevant clinical trial sponsors and CROs turn to …

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