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Dual Enrollment In Clinical Trials – The Dual Screening Alert Aids Enrollment In Clinical Trials

The Verified Clinical Trials dual screening alert allows sites to know if the subjects they have screened, and are counting on to fill their study, are in fact screening elsewhere.  While maintaining privacy and anonymity the Verified Clinical Trials dual screening alert system keeps the site up to date on the status of the research participant. Many research participants will screen at multiple facilities, choosing the study with the highest stipend.  Unfortunately, too often the site becomes aware only when the subject does not show up for follow up or randomization visits resulting in open spots in their trial.  The dual screening alert will help prevent this.  The Verified Clinical Trials system saves time and monies while promoting safety and improved data quality.

Verified Clinical Trials will also stop dual enrollment in clinical trials.  Verified Clinical Trials will provide innumerable services to your trials to improve compliance, retention, engagement, and recruitment. The Verified Clinical Trials  clinical trial database registry is a powerful tool.