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Verified Clinical Trials Study Scavenger iPhone app Improves Clinical Trials Recruitment

The Verified Clinical Trials iPhone app to improve study recruitment while stopping professional research subjects and dual enrollment in clinical trials


Verified Clinical Trials offers free use of the Study Scavenger iPhone app to improve clinical trial recruitment.  Potential study volunteers can use the easy navigation and find a trial that meets their disease condition, geographical location, and needs with the push of a button on their smart phone.  The Study Scavenger provides direct links to the website or recruitment center by phone where the study is conducted.

Verified Clinical Trials will select better quality research subjects by preventing the professional research subject from attempting to dual enroll in clinical trials.  The iPhone app is currently offered for free to pharmaceutical companies, CROs, and research sites that employ the VCT system to stop dual enrollment in clinical trials.

The current list of available studies and users continue to expand.  

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