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AXIS Clinicals USA – The First Minnesota Clinical Research Organization To Join The Verified Clinical Trials Networ

AXIS Clinicals USA has selected the Verified Clinical Trials (VCT) national clinical trial database registry to stop attempts at dual enrollment in clinical trial research, thus preventing protocol deviations, improving data quality, and promoting subject safety. Within the first seven days of use, the VCT system proved its worth by stopping a subject’s attempt at …

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Verified Clinical Trials Stops Dual Enrollment In Clinical Trials. CNS Focused But Includes All Therapeutic Areas

Verified Clinical Trials is dedicated to reducing protocol violations in clinical trials while improving clinical trial safety and data quality. Verified Clinical Trials will stop dual enrollment in clinical trials and prevent professional research subjects from enrolling in to the trials you conduct. While all therapeutic areas are at risk for this issue, CNS trials …

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ACCP Atlanta 2014- Dual Enrollment In Clinical Trials: Stopping The Professional Research Subject

Verified Clinical Trials (VCT) will again be an exhibitor at the the 2014 Annual ACCP Meeting in Atalanta. While at the conference, Verified Clinical Trials will demonstrate the sophisticated system that it has developed to stop potential professional research subjects from dual enrolling in multiple clinical trials. Mitchell Efros MD FACS, CEO and Kerri Weingard, ANP COO of Verified Clinical Trials (VCT), will …

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Clinical Trials: The technology catching cheating volunteers

Verified Clinical Trials has been featured in a recent Outsourcing Pharma digital publication detailing the issues surrounding professional research patients and dual enrollment in clinical trials.  There are methods to detect these occurrences and prevent poor quality subjects from injuring themselves and causing increased placebo effects and adverse events in clinical trials. Dr. Mitchell Efros MD FACS …

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Stop Dual Enrollment In Clinical Trials. Verified Clinical Trials Reaches Another Milestone

Verified Clinical Trials, the research subject clinical trials database that stops dual enrollment in clinical trials has reached yet another milestone! The Verified Clinical Trials system continues to grow and evolve as major research companies including the world’s largest CROs and pharmaceutical companies employ the Verified Clinical Trials research subject clinical trials database registry on …

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Verified Clinical Trials The Research Subject Clinical Trials Database Registry Stops Dual Enrollment In Clinical Trials

Verified Clinical Trials is the HIPAA compliant de-identifed research subject clinical trials database registry that the clinical research community has employed to stop dual enrollment in their clinical trials and improve data quality and safety in their trials.  Verified Clinical Trials continues their expansive growth in to the early and later phase clinical trials market. Numerous …

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Verified Clinical Trials Stops Dual Enrollment In Clinical Trials Scope Summit 2014

Verified Clinical Trials the HIPAA compliant research subject clinical trials database that stops dual enrollment in clinical trials in early and late phase clinical trials. Verified Clinical Trials will again attend and exhibit at the SCOPE Summit 2014 in Miami, Florida this February. Verified Clinical Trials is the research subject clinical trials database registry utilized across North America …

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Stop Dual Enrollment In Clinical Trials And Empower Research Subjects Health With The Ability To Learn About Their Treatments Following Participation In A Clinical Trial

Verified Clinical Trials offers the ability to empower your research participants to learn about the results of the particular trial they were involved in.  Research subjects want to know whether they received placebo or the active investigational compound.  Knowing whether this particular medication was efficacious allows them to pursue treatment or other trials with similar …

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Dual Enrollment In Clinical Trials – The Dual Screening Alert Aids Enrollment In Clinical Trials

The Verified Clinical Trials dual screening alert allows sites to know if the subjects they have screened, and are counting on to fill their study, are in fact screening elsewhere.  While maintaining privacy and anonymity the Verified Clinical Trials dual screening alert system keeps the site up to date on the status of the research participant. Many research participants will screen …

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