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Stop Dual Enrollment In Clinical Trials. Verified Clinical Trials Reaches Another Milestone

Verified Clinical Trials, the research subject clinical trials database that stops dual enrollment in clinical trials has reached yet another milestone!

The Verified Clinical Trials system continues to grow and evolve as major research companies including the world’s largest CROs and pharmaceutical companies employ the Verified Clinical Trials research subject clinical trials database registry on a daily basis.  Verified Clinical Trials has reached yet another milestone running 250,000 verifications and security checks in both early and late phase clinical trials. Verified Clinical Trials protects the research subject, sponsor, CRO, and research site from health and safety issues and tainted poor quality data.  With an emphasis on healthy volunteer trials as well as substance abuse, pain and CNS clinical research studies, the Verified Clinical Trials system protects all phases of research and every disease entity.

Stopping dual enrollment in clinical trials is of paramount importance, yet Verified Clinical Trials delivers other security measures designed to enhance safety and data quality.  Contact Verified Clinical Trials today at (516) 998-7499 to learn more and join our network.