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Verified Clinical Trials Simplifies Medicare Secondary Payer Act Clinical Trials Reporting For Sponsors

Verified Clinical Trials experts in Medicare Secondary Payer Act for clinical trial injuries and adverse events.

Verified Clinical Trials has the solution to the complex and rigorous requirements surrounding the Medicare Secondary Payer Act in clinical trial research.  While it is mandatory to collect personal demographic information and store this information in order to maintain compliance with the Medicare Secondary Payer Act, neither the sponsors nor the clinical research sites have the necessary tools to effectively capture this information & store the information in a secure manner. 

Verified Clinical Trials offers a simplified proprietary process to compile and verify the accuracy of the information collected. VCT has developed a secure means of storing the data and producing the required information available when needed. 

The first step in the process involves querying the CMS database to assess Medicare eligibility status of those subjects determined to have an adverse event related to the study compound or device. The required information at this juncture includes full name, DOB, gender, and social security or HCIN.  Verified Clinical Trials will check this information at the time of  screening.  The information is verified against national databases.  For those that are Medicare beneficiaries, further reporting (ORM) will take place and be handled by the VCT team.

Learn why the world’s largest and most relevant research companies worldwide have chosen Verified Clinical Trials to protect their studies from the professional research subject and dual enrollment in clinical trials while satisfying the Medicare Secondary Payer Act as their account designee.  As true experts in clinical research, medical & Medicare billing, and identity verification & storage of PII, Verified Clinical Trials is uniquely positioned to solve your clinical trials Medicare Secondary Payer Act issues.