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Verified Clinical Trials Research Subject DatabaseTo Stop Dual Enrollment To Exhibit At Partnerships In Clinical Trials 2014 In Las Vegas

Verified Clinical Trials Clinical Research Research Subject Database To Stop Dual Enrollment In Clinical Trial

Verified Clinical Trials will and exhibit at the  2014 Partnerships In Clinical Trials Las Vegas Conference.  Verified Clinical Trials will discuss the ability of new technology to improve clinical trial safety & data integrity as well as compliance with federal laws.  VCT’s clinical trial database registry to designed to prevent dual enrollment is offered to clinical trial sponsors, CROS and research sites. VCT’s de-identified and HIPAA compliant system is aimed at improving the clinical trial safety and data quality by preventing poor quality research subjects from screening and enrolling in clinical trials.  In addition, VCT has the ability to capture the necessary information and perform the proper reporting to maintain Medicare Secondary Law compliance for the clinical trial sponsor. Experts in clinical research, Medicare billing, and collection of PII, VCT is uniquely positioned to handle the necessary reporting of adverse events to Medicare.

The Direct Connect Program enables sponsors and CROs to directly connect with the research subject in their trial through an a de-idientifed process using Verified Clinical Trials’s proprietary software.  This can be utilized to immediately disseminate new study safety information, engage the subject to improve the trial experience and reduce early terminations, and provide study related results of the trial to empower the research subject to guide their health related care and decisions.

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