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Verified Clinical Trials and Remote and Virtual Clinical Trials. Preventing Professional Research Subjects With A Global Database Registry

Conducting virtual clinical trials or remote clinical trials, or just a standard clinical trial? Verify your research subject’s eligibility and ensure they are not concurrently enrolling in multiple clinical trials at once. Verified Clinical Trials eliminates professional research subjects or duplicate research subjects.

This can be accomplished completely off site with our newest technology. Avoid protocol violations. Select better quality subjects for your trial so that you can meet your studies studies endpoints and reduce placebo rates.

Hopefully  the FDA will encourage more remote clinical trials as well.

In an interesting article by Ed Miseta, Chief Editor, Clinical Leader titled

Covid-19 Hastens Embrace Of Virtual Trials

“If one good thing emerges from this pandemic, it will be the use of remote/centralized monitoring in all clinical trials. Regardless of the cause, in 2020 we cannot have monitoring of ongoing trials compromised for any reason.”

“There are three areas of trials operations that we would like to see impacted in the future. The first is more virtual components inserted into clinical trials. While site visits will not be eliminated, there needs to be more visits taking place at home, in a pharmacy or retail environment, or over a smart phone or computer. Second, there needs to be less burdensome protocols for patients. That should include a decrease in the number of procedures performed by clinics. Finally, the industry needs to advance the distribution of investigational drugs to homes and pharmacies.”

In addition, if you need to verify the research subject’s demographic information such as age and sex, Verified Clinical Trials remote is able to accomplish this. Even as a remote and completely de-centralized clinical trial.

Talk to Verified Clinical Trials about our ability to verify subjects remotely around the world. Verified Clinical Trials is HIPAA and GDPR compliant and used globally. Save all stakeholders time and money. Reach out to us to find more at 1-516-998-7499 or contact us at
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