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Verified Clinical Trials Proactively Detects Professional Research Subjects In Clinical Trials To Reduce The Placebo Response And Improve Safety

Verified Clinical Trials ™ is the global research subject database registry used by pharmaceutical sponsors, CROs and research sites across the world to detect and prevent duplicate research subjects and professional research subjects in clinical trials. Additionally, the Verified Clinical Trials (VCT) database proactively detects professional research subjects and many other protocol violations at the time of screening. The protections continue throughout the entire study to reduce the placebo response and adverse events. Accordingly the Verified Clinical Trials global research subject database registry will save all stakeholders time and money by detecting and preventing dual enrollment in clinical trials at the time of screening and preventing costly screening visits and randomization of poor-quality ineligible research subjects.
The VCT system is a one touch system for research sites facilitating an easy verification of a research subjects true research status and eligibility for a particular clinical trial. Utilized across all phases of research and across most therapeutic indications, Verified Clinical Trials will prevent a clinical trial from failure.
Furthermore, Verified Clinical Trials has often times been called in a “rescue” situation where a clinical trial has been plagued by duplicate research subjects and professional research subjects. Of course, most of the time any other method can only detect a limited portion of the violations.