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Verified Clinical Trials Exhibits At The ACPU Association of Clinical Pharmacology Units

Verified Clinical Trials the HIPAA compliant research subject clinical trials database that stops professional research subjects and dual enrollment in clinical trials in early and late phase clinical trials. Verified Clinical Trials will again attend and exhibit at the ACPU  (Association of Clinical Pharmacology Units) Annual meeting this November in Denver, Colorado.
Verified Clinical Trials is the research subject clinical trials database registry utilized across North America to stop dual enrollment in clinical trials. It is the largest and only such system to protect early and late phase clinical trials from dual enrollment.

A great majority of the early phase clinical research units across North America now utilize Verified Clinical Trials with great success. These include many of the largest and most significant CROs and units in the world.

“We are excited to attend the ACPU again this year” stated Mitchell Efros MD FACS, President of Verified Clinical Trials.  Dr. Efros added “The special issues that surround early phase clinical trials and the known incidence of attempted dual enrollment in clinical trials make this a very important meeting for Verified Clinical Trials.”
Verified Clinical Trials detects and stops dual enrollees, known as professional research subjects, in early and late phase clinical trials.
The system has been applauded by IRBs and pharmaceutical companies worldwide. The Verified Clinical Trials system is HIPAA complaint and Safe Harbor Certified. Dual enrollment in clinical trials has become a significant problem within the industry. Individuals join multiple clinical trials simultaneously for access to therapies and medical care without cost or for compensation. Many subjects visit sites such as clinical to learn about studies to join and the various inclusion and exclusion criteria in order to participate in the study.
About Verified Clinical Trials:
Verified Clinical Trials, (VCT) ( the world’s leader in the field of research subject clinical trial database registries, proactively improves research subject safety and data quality in clinical research trials by halting dual enrollment in clinical trials. With a web-based solution designed to enhance the quality of both early and late phase trials, VCT has the scalability to reach all sites nationally and globally and is HIPAA compliant.
Verified Clinical Trials offers an array of other features to enhance clinical trial compliance, retention, and research subject engagement. Verified Clinical Trials also provides Medicare Secondary Payer Law solutions and protections.