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Duplicate subjects, or what is known as professional research subjects, exist in most clinical trials to varying degrees. CNS clinical trials are especially prone to duplicate subjects or over enrollment in clinical tials. The issue exists from phase 1 healthy volunteer studies to multiple phase 2/3 clinical trials across many therapeutic indications. Use of global research subject database registry such as Verified Clinical Trials will help detect and prevent duplicate subjects at the time of screening. This saves the sites, sponsor and CRO time and money. The protections continue the entire duration of the study. The NIH has elected to work with Verified Clinical Trials to prevent duplicate subjects as have countless pharmaceutical sponsors across the world. When research sites cooperate to prevent duplicate subjects by using Verified Clinical Trials it helps the entire research community.

Verified Clinical Trials: There is no other solution like it.

Verified Clinical Trials is the largest research subject database registry. There are over 18 preventable protocol deviations that Verified Clinical Trials will detect and protect. Professional research subjects and duplicate research subjects can skew the results of a clinical trial as described in the Medscape article
The placebo response and adverse events can be elevated and in certain insatnces, the study may need to be repeated.

Verified Clinical Trials detects these issues at the time of screening and the protections.
Verified Clinical Trials saves time and money for all stakeholders.

Professional research subjects will travel.

Professional research subjects often travel large distances between states or countries to do so. Some travel is within the same country to different sites, but there is significant travel between countries. This is what we see everyday worldwide.
This is common in healthy volunteer clinical trials but we see a great deal of duplicate enrollment in CNS clinical trials as well as in various therapeutic areas.
This was reviewed by Eric Devine at the NIH in his article
Strategies to exclude subjects who conceal and fabricate information when enrolling in clinical trials
A research subject database is critical to ensure research subject safety and data quality. Verified Clinical Trials (VCT) is the largest most comprehensive worldwide research subject database. Verified Clinical Trials is utilized across multiple indications in phase 2 and phase 3 clinical trials and includes the great majority of phase 1 units as well.
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