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Prevent Professional Research Subjects With Verified Clinical Trials

Professional research subjects cause issues with placebo rates, data quality and safety.  The issue is more common than most would think.  Upwards of 10% of research subjects will attempt to enroll in more than one clinical trial concurrently or before a safe and mandatory wash out period has occurred.

Without a tool like Verified Clinical Trials (Verified Clinical Trials), a research subject database registry, one can not detect duplicate or professional subjects. Let VCT detect these issues proactively at screening and protect your clinical trial the entire duration. VCT saves you money by preventing poor quality research subjects that are ineligible from entering your trial. VCT reduces placebo rates and improves safety.

Unfortunately, duplicate research subjects plague nearly every clinical trial. This is true from phase 1- phase 4 and occurs worldwide. We have the data and the experience to prove it!  CNS clinical trials are especially prone to this issue, but they are not alone.

There are obvious resultant effects on research subject safety and data quality. Why risk your trial to failure? Verified Clinical Trials (VCT) actually saves you money by detecting professional research subjects or duplicate subjects at the time of screening.