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Bad Behavior in Clinical Trials: Strategies to Combat Duplicate Subjects & Research Participant Dishonesty/Deception, Non-adherence, and “Professional Subjects

Join us at #ASCP2019 in Phoenix this year Wed. May 29th at 1 PM as VCT hosts an expert panel on professional research subjects and duplicate subjects in CNS clinical trials.  Duplicate subjects can ruin a trial, especially in the CNS space.  Without a research subject database registry like Verified Clinical Trials it is nearly impossible to detect and prevent these subjects from entering the trial.  VCT is used at the time of screening and therefore stops poor quality or ineligible duplicate subjects from entering the study saving significant time and money for all.  The protections last the entire duration of the study!  Contact Verified Clinical Trials at or call us at +1 516.998.7499 to learn the facts.