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Verified Clinical Trials Reports A Disconcerting 16% Attempted Dual Enrollment Rate At Phase 1 Sites

Verified Clinical Trials proves dual enrollment not rare in clinical trials. Professional research subjects exist in large number and alter clinical trial safety and data quality.

Verified Clinical Trials, the largest clinical trials database registry in North America,  detected a disconcerting 16% attempted dual enrollment rate at a recent early phase unit startup. Verified Clinical Trials is an established and effective tool to stop the professional research subject from dual enrolling and causing issues with clinical trial safety and data quality.  This Identity-metric tool is scalable for global and rapid deployment with a simple email invitation allowing users to register and begin use of this remarkable technology.  The facts are that professional research subjects and dual enrollment in clinical trials is a reality that plagues the industry.  Biometric monitoring is not a cost effective or scalable model to incorporate multitudes of both early and large phase research studies in clinical research centers across the globe.

The Verified Clinical Trials database registry has experienced widespread adoption across North America and continues to grow at an incredible pace.  Dual enrollment is not limited to early phase studies and late phase studies have also witnessed a significant number of attempted dual enrollment.