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Verified Clinical Trials Partners With The STARR Coalition To Promote Advocacy And Reduce Duplicate Subjects In CNS Clinical Trials

Verified Clinical Trials (VCT) the leading global research subject database registry has teamed up with the STARR Coalition to create Project RockSTARR. The initiative allows sponsors to have research subjects that screen for a clinical trial donate a pre-allocated amount of money to local advocacy group of their choice.

Advocacy and duplicate subject prevention in CNS clinical trials is extremely important.  Advocacy is at the heart of VCT’s mission as is promoting safety and data quality improvement.  VCT is the world’s largest research subjects database registry and spans nearly all of the phase 1 units as well as many therapeutic indications.  When CNS sites cooperate to prevent duplicate subjects and adopt the VCT registry, or when pharmaceutical sponsors mandate use of the VCT registry in their clinical trials it promotes safety and strengthens the entire network. Data shows that subjects registries reduce duplicate subjects.

Recognized and used as the sole research subjects database to prevent duplicate subjects for the National Institutes of Health (NIH), VCT has grown and developed in to the leader in the field.

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