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Technology Coalition to Create Integrated IT Platform for Global Clinical Research Network To Include Verified Clinical Trials

A major initiative to create an integrated information-management platform supporting clinical research worldwide was announced today by the rapidly growing Alliance for Clinical Research Excellence and Safety (ACRES), a multi-stakeholder non-profit group building a global system to enhance safety, quality and efficiency in clinical research. ACRES president, Dr. Greg Koski, introduced the collaborative effort at the …

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Verified Clinical Trials The Largest North American Clinical Trials Research Subject Database Registry To Stop Dual Enrollment In Clinical Trials Received Top Ratings In A Recent Customer Satisfaction Survey

Verified Clinical Trials the largest North American clinical trials research subject database registry to stop dual enrollment in clinical trials received top ratings in a recent customer satisfaction survey. Verified Clinical Trials is widely utilized in early as well as late phase trials and was ranked highest in almost every category. Over 95% of respondents provided accolades to Verified Clinical …

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Verified Clinical Trials Stops Dual Enrollment In Clinical Trials Scope Summit 2014

Verified Clinical Trials the HIPAA compliant research subject clinical trials database that stops dual enrollment in clinical trials in early and late phase clinical trials. Verified Clinical Trials will again attend and exhibit at the SCOPE Summit 2014 in Miami, Florida this February. Verified Clinical Trials is the research subject clinical trials database registry utilized across North America …

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