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Stop Professional Research Subjects From Duplicate Enrollment In Clinical Trials With Verified Clinical Trials

Stop professional research subjects from duplicate enrollment in clinical trials using Verified Clinical Trials.  Verified Clinical Trials is the clinical trials research database registry that stops duplicate enrollment in clinical trials and prevents many important protocol violations. Verified Clinical Trials uses only partial identifiers and is HIPAA compliant.  The registry is secure and exceeds all industry standards. The Verified Clinical Trials system has been adopted by the great majority of phase 1 clinical trials research centers in North America and encompasses many therapeutic phase 2-4 clinical trials too.  The NIH/NIDA ( has selected Verified Clinical Trials in an ongoing trial and continues to work with the NIH.

Verified Clinical Trials has focused heavily in CNS trials that include; psychiatry, pain, substance and abuse.  Verified Clinical Trials has witnessed a great deal of attempted crossover between healthy phase 1 trials and other disease related clinical trials. Verified Clinical Trials has protected may clinical trials across various therapeutic indications and has been employed by both large and smaller biotechnology companies.

Verified Clinical Trials also has the ability to follow an investigational product (IP) through early trials all the way to later phase clinical trials because we are utilized in so many of the research centers across North America that conduct phase 1 clinical trials.

By using Verified Clinical Trials, the placebo rates will be reduced and the safety of the clinical trials and the data quality will be improved.  Verified Clinical Trials is a low cost insurance policy to  prevent costly screenings BEFORE the screening process when used as a pre-screen. Verified Clinical Trials will select better quality research subjects that are more likely to stay within your trial reducing the early termination rate and need to replace new research subjects.  Moreover, Verified Clinical Trials may prevent a sponsor from having to completely repeat an entire clinical trial which could cost millions of dollars.  By using Verified Clinical Trials up-front, significant monies and time can be saved.

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