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No Specific Characteristics Of A Duplicate Subject And A Research Subject Database Is Required

Without a “tool” such as the Verified Clinical Trials (VCT) global research subjects database registry, detecting duplicate subjects and protocol violations based upon prior study history or prior study drug (IP) exposure is impossible. VCT proactively detects these issues at the time of screening before costly screening procedures occur. The protections continue the entire duration of the clinical trial. Verified Clinical Trials is used globally.  There are no specific characteristics of a duplicate subjects and without a research subjects database registry you can not detect these issues. The issue with duplicate subjects exists worldwide and spans phase – phase 4 clinical trials across healthy volunteer studies and patient based studies too. VCT always saves time and money and improves data quality. When all CNS sites cooperate to prevent duplicate subjects the entire research community benefits.

VCT is used to prevent duplicate subjects in CNS clinical trials and psychiatry clinical trials and is the largest database of its kine.  However, VCT is also the largest phase healthy volunteer research subjects database and covers many other therapeutic conditions too.