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Major CRO Stops Dual Enrollment In Clinical Trials And Gives Top Ratings To Verified Clinical Trials

Verified Clinical Trials stops dual enrollment in clinical trials. Verified Clinical Trials is the research subject clinical trials database registry to stop professional research subjects.

Verified Clinical Trials utilized by one of the world’s largest CROs in the world to stop dual enrollment in their trials gave Verified Clinical Trials the highest ratings.  Verified Clinical Trials detects and stops dual enrollees in late phase trial and gets a thumbs up from the sites that utilized the system.  In a survey conducted by the CRO, sites gave excellent ratings to Verified Clinical Trials in every category.  These include; ease of use, customer service, and overall usefulness of the system.  Furthermore, nearly every site stated they felt they would use Verified Clinical Trials in their upcoming trials.  Verified Clinical Trials did not hinder their process or enrollment.

Verified Clinical Trials is the research subject database registry utilized across North America to stop dual enrollment in clinical trials.  It is the largest and only such system to protect early and late phase clinical trials from dual enrollment.  The system has been applauded by IRBs and pharmaceutical companies worldwide.  The Verified Clinical Trials system is HIPAA complaint and Safe Harbor Certified.

Verified Clinical Trials offers an array of other features to enhance clinical trial compliance, retention, and research subject engagement.  Verified Clinical Trials also provides Medicare Secondary Payer Law ablutions and protections.