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Duplicate Subjects In Your Clinical Trials Result In Safety & Data Quality Issues

To maintain data integrity and safety, it is necessary to highlight and detect duplicate subjects in your clinical trials proactively.  This is true for nearly all therapeutic indications and all phases of clinical trials research.  Duplicate enrollment (over enrollment) is NOT just a healthy volunteer phase 1 issue.  The global research subject database registry VCT data over the years demonstrates significant risk in many clinical trials.  It can be the silent variable that causes lack of efficacy due to poor quality research subjects entering your clinical trials providing false feedback just to stay within the trial.  Research subjects travel great distances to enroll or screen multiple times within the same trial and across other studies from different sponsors, CROs, and even different indications.  VCT will save time and money and protect the data and most importantly, the safety for the research participant. This is why the NIH has chosen to utilize VCT and countless other pharmaceutical sponsors as well.