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Duplicate Subjects In Clinical Trials Can Be Prevented With A Global Research Subject Registry

Duplicate subjects in clinical trials is unfortunately a common issue that affects all trials from most every indication and across all phases of clinical trials research.  These professional research subjects can be prevented by using Verified Clinical Trials (VCT) the global research subject registry.  Nearly all of the phase 1 units across the United States and now Europe use VCT everyday for safety issues to prevent over enrollment of research subjects.  Countless sponsors use VCT as well across their global multi-site phase 2/3 clinical trials.

VCT will help detect and proactively prevent 17 protocol violations that can cause a study to fail or not prove efficacy.  The NIH (US Government) uses VCT for their studies for this reason.

Additionally, VCT will save significant time and money for all stakeholders.  VCT is the largest research subject registry to prevent duplicate subjects in clinical trials.